Plus-Plus Midi 400 - Educational (Ages 3+)


A new toy world. For girls and boys.The only tools required are the children´s imagination. Simplistic shape. Endless possibility!

Plus-Plus ® is a new toy having gained a tremendous popularity over the last few years in its home base in Denmark. 

Plus-Plus ® is a Danish toy manufacturer. Production of the original and creative toys takes place near Copenhagen. Danish design in essence.

Plus-Plus ® develops the imagination and creativity of children and appeals evenly to
boys and girls. Once Plus-Plus® has been tried out it becomes a kid´s favourite.
Many hours of intensive play.

Plus-Plus Midi is a 50mm block.  This set contains 400 pieces in assorted colours

Plus-Plus® has successfully passed the normal tests and standards for toys:
EN 71-1, 71-2, 71-3.

Free of phthalates and PVC.   Made in Denmark

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