Nutty Ball Wood Toy (12 months+)


Early childhood development game that favours children's physical development: motor skills and dexterity are developed by handling the hazelnuts to be moved to the top of the tree, as well as visual acuity through the monitoring of the movement.  Your child will spends hours watching the hazelnuts descend the 3 levels and will rush to return them to the track.

Toddlers will love the Nutty Ball Track Squirrel Tree Toddler Activity Toy for its bright colors, adorable animal characters and fun play features.

The motor skills game features a large wooden tree with green felt leaves, 3 wooden squirrel characters shaping a ball track, and 6 colorful wooden acorns.

Slide the acorns through the hole at the toy tree top and watch 3 brightly painted squirrels roll them down the track.

As the acorn balls roll down the track, you will hear clunk, jingle, tinkle of the bells along the track. When the nutty acorns reach the bottom of the tree, they fall into the bright green grassy felt nest.

Toddlers will want to toss the acorns down the musical squirrel track again and again playing with the Nutty Ball Track Squirrel

Plus they will understand cause & effect better, refine their motor skills, develop cognitive reception, and expand their imagination.

Wooden Toy and Hazelnuts are painted with water based paints.

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