Life without Plastic

Life Without Plastic - Stainless Steel Water Dispenser (25L / 6.6 Gal)


This sleek Life Without Plastic stainless steel dispenser, or fustinox ('steel drum' in Italian), has been made to exacting quality standards and is NSF certified, meaning it's materials and development have been independently evaluated and tested to ensure public health and safety. It is a stylish, solid, safe and hygienic way to present and dispense liquids. 

This particular 25 L / 6.6-gallon model holds a lot of liquid! It's fabulous for a large family or those looking to store water for a while. Works beautifully in restaurants.

The dispenser is made of high quality, food grade 18-10 stainless steel, and can be used to store AND transport water, oil, milk, wine or any other liquid you choose. The seams are butt welded, meaning the finish is smooth, which makes cleaning a breeze and prevents any build-up of bacteria-causing organic matter (e.g., tea leaves). It has a watertight screw-top lid with a detachable silicone seal and comes with the included 18-10 stainless steel lever spigot factory-installed. The spout of the spigot swivels around 360 degrees to prevent residual drips. An air vent on the lid allows maximal liquid flow when loosened. Handy side carrying handles make lifting and moving the dispenser light work.

Durable and lightweight, it is perfect for transferring water from the ubiquitous blue polycarbonate plastic jugs bought at a supermarket, thus limiting exposure to bisphenol A leaching from plastic over time. Or better yet, the dispenser is ideal for filling up at a local spring. Pass it down to future generations.

Care & use instructions: We recommend regularly cleaning and rinsing your dispenser and spigot with warm water and vinegar or warm water and baking soda to prevent bacteria from developing. Remember to unscrew the top when dispensing water to allow for air intake and thus maximal liquid flow.


Height:  31 cm / 12.3" (with lid screwed on)
Diameter:  37 cm / 14.5" (without spigot, handle to handle)
Diameter:  42.5 cm / 16.8" (with spigot)
Capacity:  25 L / 6.6 gal.
Weight: 3.9 kg / 8.5 lbs

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