Janod DIY Foldable Workbench (Ages 3 - 8)


Redmaster Foldable Workbench - Wooden Toy

3 magnetic tools, a large workplan, vice and 22 accessories (6 screws, 6 nuts, 2 pierced wooden planks with 2 holes, 2 pierced wooden planks with 3 holes, 4 rings, 2 nails)

Magnetic.  An insightful system of magnetic tools making it easy for your child to store his tools in the right place.

Easily foldable : just unscrew the 2 side bolts and slide the front panel under the workplan.

Easy to carry thanks to the integrated handle.

Non-toxic paint, decorated sticker.

Delivered assembled.

Painted parts in MDF, workplan and white pierced wooden pieces in plywood, chinese cherry for all the rest.

Packaging : closed color box.

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