Cuppow EIO Kids Cup by Cuppow


Cuppow teamed up with EIO to bring their entire supply chain onto American soil. This training cup is 100% Made in the USA by combining a glass mason jar, silicone sleeve, and an FDA compliant top. It’s perfect for small hands and easing the transition from bottles to cups.

  • Recycled BPA-Free Lid designed to promote proper “sip and swallow” reflex
  • Medical grade Silicone sleeve is easy to grip for little hands
  • 8oz. Mason Jar is US-Made from soda lime glass
  • No spout to chew or valves to lose
  • Every part is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free

EIO was already making a great product, but unfortunately, their manufacturing was based abroad. We’ve spent the last year bringing their production back into the American economy. The glass jar, silicone sleeve, and recycled plastic top are all manufactured in the USA by companies adhering to American safety standards.

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