BeginAgain Don't Dump Dumpty Game (2+ Years)


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall - remove a brick, but don't let him fall! This versatile game comes with game ideas and rules for players as young as 2 and can be played alone, in pairs or with teams. Just stack the numbered bricks to create a wall, set two-piece Dumpty on top and take turns removing bricks - just don't let him fall, or he will crack apart! Recommended for ages 2+

  • Numbers can be used to develop basic math skills (counting, odd/even) 
  • Challenge older players to accumulate points
  • 2015 NAPPA Gold Award
  • Working Mother's Best In Play Award 2015
  • Featured in Popular Mechanics & Kiwi Magazines
  • Made from eco-friendly, all-natural rubberwood with non-toxic, child-safe stains
  • Comes with wood storage tray for easy clean-up
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