Treating Heartburn Naturally

Here are some lifestyle tips to help treat and prevent heart burn:


• Chamomile tea can help to alleviate esophageal irritation

• Catnip, fennel, ginger, marshmallow root and papaya tea all aid in enhancing digestion and can act as a buffer to stop heartburn

• At the first sign of heartburn drink a large glass of water


• Pure aloe vera juice can aid healing of the intestinal tract

• Fresh cabbage or celery juice daily can help to alkalinize digestive acids in the digestive tract


• Eat more vegetables.

• Eat fresh papaya and/or pineapple since it contains important enzymes such as bromelain

• Avoid acidic citrus fruits and juices (except lemon)

Heartburn causing/aggravating foods to be avoided or limited:

• caffeine and caffeine-containing products, chocolate, carbonated beverages, creamy cheeses, desserts, fats, fried foods, gravies, rich sauces, processed meats, processed foods, onions (especially raw), peppermint, spearmint, spicy or highly seasoned foods, sugar, tobacco or tomatoes, instant noodles

Eating Guidelines

• Eat smaller, more frequent meals

• Chew your food well (tip: count to 10 before swallowing)

• Eat in a calm, relaxed setting (be sure to sit down and enjoy the meal)

• Wait 3 hours after meals before lying down (this means your dinner should be eaten 3 hours before bedtime)

• Follow a disciplined alkaline diet can help manage acid reflux (GERD)

• Eating a hypoallergenic diet for 2-3 weeks can help to identify offending foods

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