Soda and Energy Drinks contain BVO : Detox Your Diet

January 06, 2012

It's not just the sugar that you have to worry about in soda's and energy drinks. 

Did you know that BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil) is an ingredient in 10% of sodas and energy drinks? BVO has been found to have health effect including skin lesions, memory loss, nerve disorders and thyroid disruption.

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Brominated battle: Soda chemical has cloudy health history Patented as a flame retardant for plastics, and banned in food throughout Europe and Japan, a brominated chemical called BVO has been added to sodas for decades in North America. Now some scientists have a renewed interest in this little-known ingredient, found in 10 percent of sodas in the United States. Research on its toxicity dates back to the 1970s, and some experts now urge a reassessment. After a few extreme soda binges – not too far from what many video gamers regularly consume – a few patients have needed medical attention for skin lesions, memory loss and nerve disorders, all symptoms of overexposure to bromine. Other studies suggest that BVO could be building up in human tissues. In mouse studies, big doses caused reproductive and behavioral problems.

Just as an FYI,  if that didn't scare you enough...  BVO is banned from the European Union, hasn't been used in India since 1988 and is a chemical that is also used as flame retardant. Yup, a Flame retardant.... so why then is it allowed to be used as an additive to soft drinks, soda, and energy drinks in North America?

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