Detox your Life: BPA Officially Considered “Toxic” in Canada

November 19, 2011

Some  healthy, fantastic news from Environmental Defence  that is positive for all Canadians. Effective October 12th 2010, BPA has been designated as a toxic substance in Canada! This is the first step (of many) to banning it in Canada. 

Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defence, says that in working with the federal government "  The  next important step (is) banning BPA from all metal food and beverage cans since these can leach it into our food.”

BPA, orBisphenol-A  is an endocrine disruptor and has no business being in anything we consume, be that what we eat (food packaging), drink (pop-cans, food can lining, plastic bottles, plastic coffee drink lids) or use on our skin or hair. The Environmental Defense Canada  has done an amazing job in educating the public and officials in the hazards of this chemical! Let's continue to support their work and tell our MP's and MPP's that as Canadians we must have zero tolerance when it comes to allowing toxic chemicals into our food and water supply!

What can you do today:

  • Contact your MP and  MPP and tell them that you support the banning of BPA from all metal food and beverage cans.

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