Detox your Diet: What do you do when you can't buy organic?

What should you do when it's not possible to buy organic? Here are some recommendations when you can't buy organic:
  1. Locally-grown foods may or may not be lower in pesticides and other contaminants, but it's easy enough to ask and you may be surprised how many local growers you'll find within driving distance and how close to organic some of their foods may turn out to be.
  2. Read the ingredient lists on all non-organic food packaging. Although you cannot trust the terms "natural" or "all-natural" on the front of the package, you can trust the ingredient lists to include most of the substances added to the food. Look for the terms "artificial flavor" and "artificial color." Also look for the FD&C colorings (for example, Yellow 5). Of course, you won't find pesticides, heavy metals, or other potentially toxic residues listed on ingredient lists. But watching out for other potential toxins is still very worthwhile.
  3. Wash your produce thoroughly and use a vegetable brush to help remove potential toxins found on the surface of the food.
  4. Peel all waxed fruits. Also, peel any fruits you know or suspect to be heavily sprayed.
  5. Enjoy the delicious flavors and textures of your food. Even when you haven't been able to buy organic, take satisfaction in the selections you've made and recognize the benefits of nutrient-dense, minimally processed foods, one-of-a-kind foods!
Dr. Sharleen Hawco ND February 23, 2009 4 tags (show)

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